Old Photographs Of African Americans - Unknown Faces (OPOAA)

African American Ancestry, Photographic Research.


African American families members who know a great deal about their family genealogy, are true family historians. As a researcher I found that the resources and documentation for african americans were scarce due to the history being thrown away or destroyed. To preserve the history, there is information to collect, people to talk to, documents to order, and several avenues to take.

OPOAA's Avenue:

Is an attempt to share those Unknown Family Photographs with others, as well as submitters photographs, in hopes to identify or reunite the photographs with family members that are featured on OPOAA sites.

Photographs submitted that may have come from an old Photo Album, or have been found in Attic Boxes, under Coffee Tables, or in a Family Trunk. 

~What ever the source~

We all have them, photographs with the faces that no one can recognize.

After the dusting off of the Old Photographs for a showing it usually goes something like this.......

Soooooo, we're all accused of not putting the names and dates on the backs of our photographs, making it impossible to know who the subjects were, and when and where the photographs were taken, for future references.

OPOAA's Goal:

Make aware that sharing and talking about the history of those Old Family Photographs with our children and family members are important, so they may pass them on to their next generations, and family historians to preserve the history.


All Photographs welcomed.
Regardless of Nationality.
Some of our Ancestors may have been
of another race.



The old photographs I obtain from family members; Rebecca Henderson and D. Howard, inspired me to launch our FIRST site, Old Photographs of African Americans (Opoaa), in April of 2002, after doing research via the internet and not finding any exclusive African American sites of this type, was updated to Old Photographs of African Americans-Unknown Faces in June of 2002.
We will continue to provide these old photographs for your research, when posted by our visitors. Our contribution to the African American Researcher.


Let's All Help with this Quest!

"When the Roots get Deeper,
The Branches get Stronger and,
The Leaves keep Growing"
(Camilla Warren)

"We Must Keep Hold of Our History"-CWarren
"History should be Shared and Taught, not Bought"-CWarren

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OPOAA : OPOAA will contact the Submitters for anyone interested in any of the Photographs seen on OPOAA