Major Contributor - J. Dickerson Major Contributor - J. Dickerson Unknown baby Submitted by Joi Dickerson,<BR>taken in Harrisburg PA 25596260 Unknown gentlemen Submitted by Joi Dickerson, 25596261 Unknown woman Submitted by Joi Dickerson,<BR>taken at Kirkness Broadway Baltimore MD 25596244 Unknown couple Submitted by Joi Dickerson, 25596262 Corrine and Herbert Gleed Corrine and Herbert Gleed Uploaded by joi 2/28/2011 UPDATE: 4/1/2011: Dear CWarren: I have been successful in finding one of the women pictured in the Gleed family photo. (She is the little girl and was at a Jack n Jill picnic. She contacted me and we will meet this Saturday for her to view the box of over 100 photos. I have a writer from a local paper coming and will videotape the event. I found her via the rootsweb message boards. Thank you for all your help, J. Dickerson 118625825 Gibs Family Dayton Ohio Gibs Family Dayton Ohio plus Herman n Alex Uploaded by joi 2/28/2011 118625829 Mr and Mrs Heard Mr and Mrs Heard Uploaded by joid 2/28/2011 118625836 Nannie Shepard Raven n Mattie Gilchrist at Markam Nannie Shepard Raven n Mattie Gilchrist at Markam Uploaded by joi 2/28/2011 118625837 Nydia Nydia Uploaded by joi 2/28/2011 118625838 Richard White Richard White Uploaded by joi 2/28/2011 118625839 Toinette Toinette photo labeled by her sister Uploaded by joi 2/28/2011 118625841