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M. Oakes

Submitted 11/16/08 I recently made contact through a relative of mine, with a 80 year old African-American woman, Mary Forehand, in Dunn, LA who had a picture of her grandmother and children. It was not in great shape. I asked that they let me work on it in Photoshop, which I did. I decided to do a little genealogy for her since she had only her memory of the family. I found quite a lot in the census records and created a family tree for her. I was impressed that while they were Mississippi farmers they could read and write. The picture was from 1912 and between Mary Forehand's memory and the census records we sorted everyone out. Submitted 2/3/09 I made contact with the daughter of Mary Freehand. Her name is Linda Tait. Following a recent visit with her mother in Louisiana she sent me three wonderful pictures that should be added to your site. I think these pictures are really remarkable, I would think to have painted over photographs from this period would be unusual, especially in a state like Mississippi. I would estimate the date of the photos of Dack and Maggie somewhere between 1875-85. Susie's picture is probably around 1900-05, she was born in 1883.
Major Contributor M. Oakes
Young Woman
Susan Mills and Family
Dack - D. C. Johnson
Maggie Johnson
Susie Johnson Mills
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