Old Photographs Of African Americans - Unknown Faces (OPOAA)

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My name is Kim, This is my story.....
I started out in life as two loving peoples baby girl, and due to the times and certain situations my parents were unable to stay together and  keep me.
I was placed up for adoption at the age of 5, I grew up in a house where family was present/togetherness. The grandparents and my parents had stories of days gone by. Lessons were taught with old values and simple realistic goals.
In 2001 I was given, (through a vote passed by my home state), the rights to obtain my original birth certificate. With that I started my adventures to find my birth family, and all or as much history as I could about them. I have made new relations, gotten more enriched values, and different stories other then the ones I grew up listening to of days gone by. I got a new goal in life to find out who I am, and where I and my people came from. With all of this came "MY FAMILY" plus a long awaited self identity with photos and documents. Stretching from Oregon to Arkansas, from Mississippi to Italy.
Family is something we all have, no matter if we were raised with them, get along with them, or in the end are the last of them alive. WE ALL started on a branch of someones family tree........so enjoy them, learn about them, share them, extend them.