OLD PHOTOGRAPHS OF AFRICAN AMERICANS (OPOAA), has created a compilation of African American Funeral Homes and Directors. Presumed AA unless indicated.


Remember in your research not all African American Funeral homes handled our loved ones.




Anniston, AL

*Lucius Funeral Home

Armstrong, AL

Willie Carter Funeral Home

Armstrong, Alabama.

Birmingham, AL

Arrington Funeral Home, Inc

520 Cotton Ave, SW

Birmingham, AL

Davenport & Harris Funeral Chapel

301 Martin L King Jr Dr.

Birmingham, AL

Poole Funeral Directors

Birmingham, AL

Roberts -Service Funeral Home

Birmingham, AL

Evergreen, AL

Roy R.Wilson.

Evergreen, AL

Fairfield, AL

Smith & Gaston

Fairfield, AL

Montgomery, AL

*Welch Brothers

Montgomery, AL

Ross-Clayton Funeral Home

Montgomery, AL

Prattville, AL

Prattville Mortuary Funeral Home

362 Walnut St.

Prattville, AL

Sylacauga, AL

Radney-Smith Funeral Home

Sylacauga, AL

Talladega, AL

*Hardrick & Son

Lanes Chapel

Talladega, AL

Terry's Metropolitan Mortuary

Talladega, AL

Tuskegee, AL

People's Funeral Home

Tuskegee Inst, AL


Texarkana, AR

Jones Funeral Home

115 E 9th St, Texarkana, AR 71854.


Founded in 1914, the business closed briefly in 2009, but reopened in 2010 as Jones Stuart Funeral Home. They have a very outdated record-keeping system. Founder John Jay Jones also provided old-fashioned burial insurance, which is still honored if the family has the documents.


Richmond, CA

Stewart's Rose Manor Funeral Services

3331 MacDonald Ave

Richmond, CA 94805

San Francisco, CA

Lewis and Ribs Funeral Home -

6424 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94124

opened approximately late 1970's-early 1980's.

*No longer in existence as of about 2013.

Business was taken over by Dan Scales, see below

Dan Scales Funeral Services, Inc.

107 West 8th Street Pittsburg, CA 94565.

Also located at the former site of Lewis and Ribs,

6424 Third Street, San Francisco

Bayview Mortuary

5187 3rd St San Francisco, CA 94124

founded by Ellis H. Finley,

no longer in existence as an African American funeral home

Bryant Mortuary -

635 Fulton St, San Francisco, CA 94102


Ocala, FL

Cunningham Funeral Home

Pensacola, FL

Benboe Funeral home

Dan Benboe L.F.D.

416 West Wright Street

Pensacola, Fla.

Joe Morris & Son Funeral Home (serving since 1913)

701 North DeVilliers Street

Pensacola, Florida


Barnesville, GA

Griggs Funeral Home

Barnesville, GA

Waycross, GA

Fluker Funeral Home

Waycross, GA

Perry Brothers Funeral Home

Waycross, GA

Welch & Brinkley Funeral Home

Waycross, GA

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Chicago, Illinois

Corbin Colonial Funeral Chapel, LTD

5345 W. Madison

Chicago, IL


Indianapolis, IN

Jacobs Brothers Funeral Home

Indianapolis, IN

Willis Funeral Home

632 North West St

Indianapolis, IN

Laporte, IN

Cutler Funeral Home (white)

2900 Monroe St.

Laporte, IN


Lexington, KY

*Stewart Funeral Home

Ohio Street

Lexington, Ky


Shreveport, LA

*Cooks Funeral Home

Shreveport, LA.

*Colored Funeral Home

Shreveport, LA.

Mansfield, LA

*Drake Funeral Home Shreveport, LA

Funeral Director: T.J. Drewitt

Mansfield, DeSoto Parish, LA

Rayville, LA

*Simms and Gundy Funeral Co. Inc.

Harrison St. Rayville, LA

Washington St. Monroe, LA

508 Walnut St. Tallulah, LA.

Was founded by Madison Simms in 1929 and His Wife Mrs. Olevia Sills Simms-Cook was the President Mr. Madison Simms passed in 1934 and Mrs. Simms operated the three funeral homes in North east Louisiana as a funeral home giant and Icon for quality and Loving services until her passing death in November of 1969. The Funeral home ceased all operation during the mid 1990's. One the later original owners, Mrs. Jessie Williams-Gundy passed in May 1997.


Detroit, Michigan

James H. Cole Home for Funerals, Inc

2624 W, Grand Blvd

Detroit, MI

James H. Cole Home for Funerals, Inc

13631 Puritan Ave.

Detroit, MI

Stinson Funeral Home, Inc

Detroit, MI

Swanson's Funeral Home, Inc

806 E. Grand Blvd

Detroit, MI

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Kansas City, MO

Mt. Moriah & Freeman Funeral Home

10507 Holmes Rd.

Kansas City, MO


Trenton, NJ

Anderson Funeral Service

Trenton, NJ


Buffalo, NY

*Sherman Walker's Funeral Home

Jackson Hts, NY

Vera E. Thompson Funeral Home

Astoria Blvd

Jackson Hts, NY

New York, NY

Alphonso E. Brown Corp.

1 Lawrence Street

New York, NY

Alphonso E. Brown Corp.

2274 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd.

New York, NY

*Stewart & Co. Funeral Directors and Morticians

1480-5th Ave.

Corner of 119th Street

(Old Phone #)

LE. 4-3790

MO. 2-2078

Trumbo's Funeral Chapel, Inc.

100 St. Nicholas Avenue

New York, NY


Akron, OH

*J R Evans Funeral Home

39 S. College St

Akron, OH

*Jerry Jones Funeral Home

Akron, OH

*J. E. Scott Funeral Home

Arlington St

Akron, OH

Stewart, Calhoun, and Black Funeral Home

Stewart & Calhoun Funeral Chapel

529 Thornton St.

Akron, OH

Summerville Funeral Services

1695 Diagonal Rd

Akron, OH

Turner Funeral Home - Julian L. Turner

486 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave

Akron, OH

Turner & Rhoden Funeral Home - Julian L. Turner

1101 Palmetto Ave

Akron, OH

*Wilson & Cox Funeral Home

Akron, Ohio

Wilkerson Funeral Services

Akron, Ohio

Cincinnati, OH

Battle & Sons

543 Rockdale

Cincinnati, OH

Colin Mortuary, Inc.

1309 California Avenue

Cincinnati, OH

Donald & Stewart

3939 Reading Road

Cincinnati, OH

Douglas Funeral Home

6546 Montgomery Road

Cincinnati, OH

Garr Funeral Home

930 Findlay

Cincinnati, OH

Jamison and Jamison

3437 Montgomery Road

Cincinnati, OH

Renfro Funeral Service, Inc.

647 Forest Avenue

Cincinnati, OH

Thompson, Hall & Jordan

400 N. Wayne Avenue

Cincinnati, OH

Thompson, Hall & Jordan

820 Lincoln Avenue

Cincinnati, OH

Cleveland, OH

E. F. Boyd

2276 E. 43 St.

Cleveland, OH

E. F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home

Cleveland, OH

Stewart and Calhoun Funeral Services

Cleveland, OH


Bristal, PA

*Henderson Funeral Home

Bristol PA (1950s to 1960s)

*P Rosamond Gray Funeral Home

Bristol PA (1970s to early 1990s)

Uniontown, PA

Lantz Funeral Home

297 E. Main Street

Uniontown, PA. 15401

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Rhode Island

O'Neil-Hayes Funeral Home

Newport, RI


Charleston, S.C

Fielding Funeral Home

Charleston, S.C.

Herbert Fielding

Columbia, S.C

I.S. Leevy Funeral Home

Columbia S.C.


Chattanooga, TN

Taylor Funeral Home, Inc.

3417 Wilcox Boulevard

Chattanooga, TN

Franklin-Strickland Funeral Homes

812 Central Avenue

2200 Rawlings Street

Chattanooga, TN

Gallatin, TN

Alexander Funeral Home

584 W. Main St

Gallatin, TN

House Of White Funeral Home

261 E. Winchester St.

Gallatin, TN

Johnson & Coleman Funeral Home

723 Anthony St.

Gallatin, TN

Newby Funeral Home Inc.

202 E. Main St

Gallatin, TN

Hendersonville, TN

Cole & Garrett Funeral Home

182 W Main St.

Hendersonville, TN

Hermitage Crematories

535 Shute Lane

Hendersonville, TN

Phillips Robinson Co. Funeral Home

257 West Main

Hendersonville, TN

Memphis, TN

*George Breathett Funeral Home

2795 Shelby St.

Memphis, TN 38134

Message: From what I've been told, this was the only funeral home in the Raleigh-Bartlett area that handled blacks. It closed down in the late 60's I believe, and at one point the building was used by Bartlett Elementary school (not exactly sure what it's used for now though).


Knoxville, TN

Jarnigan & Son Mortuary, Since 1886

2823 Martin Luther King Jr Avenue

Knoxville, TN 37914

865-524-5575 - Phone

865-546-6493 - Fax



Portland, TN

Portland Funeral Chapel

610 N. Broadway Street

Portland, TN

Wilkinson & Wiseman

715 S. Broadway St.

Portland, TN

Stanton, TN

Gilliam F. Jones Funeral Home

PO box 182

Stanton , TN

Westmorland, TN

Alexander Funeral Home

1118 Pleasant Grove Rd.

Westmoreland, TN

Whiteville, TN

Motley-Rivers Funeral Home

PO Box 584

Whiteville, TN


Austin, TX


1300 E. 12th Street

Austin, Texas 78702-9128




We are proud to be firmly rooted in the traditional African-American Funeral tradition. We are committed to providing quality service and professional care. If you are looking for "The Place For A Perfect Tribute" call King-Tears Mortuary, Inc. We specialize in arranging a celebration for a life, not a funeral.

Gladewater, TX

Dearion Davis Funeral Home

900 East Broadway

Gladewate, Texas

McCauley & Son Funeral Parlor

504 West Willow

Gladewater, Texas

Houston, TX

Jackson Funeral Home

Houston, Texas

Kilgore, TX

Cunningham Funeral Home


Kilgore, Texas

Longview, TX

Bigham Mortuary

1107 Martin Luther King

Longview, Texas



The J.F. Bell Funeral Home Records

108 6th Street N.W.



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