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A Mother and her Children - IdentifiedPA
Aaron Sigers-SegrestOH
A SegrestAL, FL
A Segrest Sister - IdentifiedEmma Brown
On back of Emma Brown
A Segrest SisterAL
AA Woman 2
Adams Sisters
Bell and Uncle FarrOH
Annabelles star of Bethleham Chapter OH
Aunt and NiecesDingus, Winston MO, OK
Baby and MeAkron, OH
Baby and QuiltAL, PA
Baby boyAL, OH
Baby in ChairKY, TN
Willis Who & Back of LetterTHOMAS, ALLEN, AND GRISWOLDMacon GA
Bench SitterAL, PA
Big Man in ChairOH
Birthday PartyAkron, OH
Black BeautyOH
Boy and TieOH
Brighton England (1891-2) Burt Sharp. Dingus, Longdon, Winston Jefferson City MO, Langston and Taft Oklahoma
Bullock RobinsonNewark, NJ
Calendar GirlsOH
Cardie Mae MartinAL, OH
Carolyn White Owens 1 & 2
Cash FamilyRocky Cash Akron, OH
Charity Johnson
Charles and Eliza Allen
Children Model TPA
Clara Chandler
Claud and Lillie Williams
Colored LadyOH
Couple on couchKY, TN
Cute little girlOH
(D.C.) Dack C. Johnson Susie's father

Dingus or LongdonLangston Normal School or the Deaf Blind and Orphan School Jefferson City MO, Langston and Taft Oklahoma
Dinner PartyOH
Doris MaeOrlando, FL
Dr. Thomas Ervin Lyle, Sr. Alabama State University
Emma Who - IdentifiedEmma WinstonAL
Ehpraim ThompsonThe Elephant Trainer
Essie Mae SandersAL, Trenton NJ
Family Members 2
Family Reunion
Fat Cheek BabyOH
Ferdinand White
Five ChildrenAL, OH
Flower GirlOH
Four Little GirlsOH
Framed LadiesOH
From The Horton Family Collection I II IIIHortons, Crowders, PounceysTX, LA
Fur Snake LadyAL, OH
Garland Lenoir
Gertrude from Cleveland
Gertrude Sigers 2AL
Girl in ChairAkron, OH
Grandma MandyMississippi
Group of Men
Gun Toting GentlemanAL, OH, PA
Handsome Guy
Harriet House of Valentines Va
Henry and Dorcas SmathersCharleston, SC
From The Horton Family Collection I II IIIHortons, Crowdesr, PounceysTX, LA
Back of Horton FamilyHortons, Crowders, PounceysTX, LA
From The Horton Family Collection I II IIIHortons, Crowders, PounceysTX, LA
House Party
Hunnie Jones
Jake Not SureCA, MI, SC
James Fountain
Joe and Amanda Hill Stowers
Joe and Willie House
John Henry Adams 1918
John T Dupont and Sadie Foster Dupont
Joise CollagePossible Roberts FamilyCA
Evelyn and Joseph LewisCarolina, PA, WV
Julie TerrellOH, TX
Ladies in the GrassOH
Lady and Kids
Lady in SkirtOH
Lady MaeOH
Lady with flower
Leaksville Baseball TeamRabbitt MartinLeaksville NC
Lee Adams
Light skin ladyAL, OH, TX
Lil Bonnet
Lil Girl Big CarOH
Lil Girl Big RibbonOH
Lil Girl from Alabama
Lil MissAL, PA
Line of ChildrenOH
Little Boy WhoAL, OH
Little Girl Toddler
Little MisterOH
Looks like me
Luther and Juanita Barnett
Mable Jones 1912
Madam Billy KittyAL,OH, TX, RI
Maggie JohnsonWife of Dack Johnson
Malissa Woodrow 1800sCA

Man and 2 ladiesOH
Man and CarOH
Man and ChairAL, FL, OH, TX
Man at Piano
Man in foilAL, OH
Man Posing
Men of DistinctionOH
Mom and friendGrace TrailKY, TN
Mother and child 1 & 2THOMAS, ALLEN, AND GRISWOLDMacon GA
Name Dollie on backCA, MI, SC
New York Circa 1959Shavers, Newman, Brown
Octavia FosterWife of William A. Foster
Ora and MayOra HalstedAL, RI
Owens Family 1 & 2
Pledge Stockdale and whoTalladega AL
Posing in chairKY, TN
Posing SisterAL, CA, FL, PA
Precious BabyKY, TN
PreciousAkron, OH
Pretty Baby 2AL, PA
Pretty Lady - IdentifiedLois Stockdale
Pretty Lady 2
Prince Arthur
Proud LadyAL, OH
Ravenna Ohio Couple 1932
Real Gentleman
Rebecca CoakleyKY, TN
Robert L GilbertCA, MI, SC
Robert Yard and UnknownHarlem NYC 1949
Sadie and SistersAL, OH
Sadie Sara M. Foster Dupont
SharecroppersAL, PA
The FarmerAL, PA
Siamese Twins
Sister WhoOH
Solid as a RockPA
Someone's Mother
Sitting PrettyAkron, OH
St Louis Nite Out
St Louis Group Nite
Standing LadyOH
Standing WomanOH
Stately GentlemanAL, PA
Stout WomenAL, OH, PA
Sunday Best
Susan Mills and family
Susie Johnson MillsMS
Sylvia Adams
The Ladies
The RoseAL,PA
The Siblings
Three ChildrenOH
Three GentlemenOH
Trio of Friends
Two Unidentified Men
Two Women in PhotoWilliam Henry Mills
Two Women PosingWilliam Henry Mills
Uncle Tex - IdentifiedElmer Osborn
Unknown 1, 2, 3CA, MI, SC
Unknown AA Female 2
Unknown AA Male 1, 2
Unknown Austins
Unknown Baby in WagonKY, TN
Unknown CoupleOH
Unknown Lady Colored
Unknown Lady in hat
Unknown man and womanAL, OH,
UnknownAL, OH
Unknown Woman
Unknown Young lady 1
Unknown AA Couple
Vashti Dupont Hogan
Vience and Evonda Bathea Wedding
Warren Dupont Wife and friend
Who's this lady - IdentifiedJohn Lee Allen Jones
Wide eye Boy
William Pa Poker Johnson
Willie HawkinsAL
Women in hat
Woman in PortraitOH
White Baby
On back of White Baby
Woman in RobeAL, OH
Woman in the BushAL, OH
Woman on Bench - IdentifiedMother of Jacqueline Williams Eskridge
Young Lady 2
Young WomanFlora, MS
Young man
1800 San Diego CA
2 children UnknownMerriman Jackson FamilyChicago, IL
3 Women
Ada Owens PayneNY, VA
Agnes Cannon Tate
Agnes Edwards Cannon
Alma Dunning and Mamie Lewis Jeffries
Alonzo Q Webster 1948
Anne Terrell and mystery family
Aunt Bell
Baby girl in front of house
Baby on bed pillows
Baby in white blanket
Billie and Anna Williams
Billie D and Patrica Williams
Dot found in boxBoley, OK
Boy in hat and coat
Boy in dress
Boy in vest
Boy in bowtie
Brothers John and George Atkinson
Britt LyleOrlando, FL
Britt Lyle
California Gents
Carmichaels - Washington
Carson Cochran WoodsAL
Carrie Word and HusbandMt Union, PA
ChillenAL, FL
City MeatsMilledgeville, GA
Cora Mae Doxie orLaura Robbins Simpson
Cora Mae, Author Lee, Eddie Simpson
Curley Bangs
Dennis Hill
Doris May EverettOrlando, FL
Dottie and Theresa StegerAL, St.Louis, MO
Earnest Tate and friends
Earnest Tate
Family of threeLowdes county, AL
FarmerFt, Motte SC
Fashionable Couple IdentifiedAnnie Crawford, Henry Mackins
Fat cheeked babyLowdes County, AL
Female ResidentWoodruff, SC
Johnson Family 1901Buxton Ontario
Kathleen McClure WilliamsWashington, DC
Joshia Henson and Wife
Ester and James WilkersonRichmond, VA
First Cousins 1946Collins and DossBirmingham, AL
Five Children
Gentleman 1Louisiana
Gentleman 2Louisiana
Gentleman 3Louisiana
Girls in officeOhio
GirlfriendsSan Antonio, TX
Great Aunt Florence
Green FamilyMS
Growing legalLowndes, AL
HandsomeLowndes, AL
Handsome 2
Hebron Missionary Baptist ChurchLongview, TX
Helen Collins or Bullock
Jake, not sureCA, MI, SC
Jacqueline GadsonLowndes, AL
Jerold E Johnson 1905
John Wesley Allen
Elmira and John HendleyGA
Jones 1
Jones 2
Julia A DillardAL
Ladies on lawnSan Antonio, TX
Lady in 1925Lowndes, AL
Lady in paper frame
Marie Turner Tilghman
Lloyd Tilghman
Family GroupLongview/Marshall, TX
Male Resident 1 Woodruff, SC
Male Resident 2Woodruff, SC
Man and CigarMS
Man and Mustache
Man in studio pose
Man possible early 20s
Laster Family Photo
Mary Green and children
Mystery LadyCanada
Pretty Woman
Unknown - no description
Lee Roy EveretteOrlando, FL
Man in RobeAtlanta, GA
Margie Everett SadlerOrlando, FL
Martha Franks
Mathews and Equilla Childress Wedding 1915
Mona Lisa Smile
Friendship Baptish ChurchCrawfordville, GA
Mother and two children
Mystery Cousins
Mystery Man
Mystery Men - Papoo
Name on back - DollieCA, MI
Naomi Church
Nathanial Jackson Ella ToddLowndes, AL
Old Church Members
Old DC playground friendsDC
Old photograph woman at table
Old school or churchTignall, GA
Oliver Baseball Team 1800Halifax, VA
On the beach
Pat PollardOklahoma City
Possible Aaron & Mimmie Wright relative
Possible Aaron & Mimmie Wright or Mollie Hawkins relative
Queen Esther Simmons
Queen (Harris) Williams 1884
Robert L GilbertCA, MI, SC
Rec Center or Malt shop 1958Cairo, IL
Rev. Robert WebsterGonales, TX
Rosie, Lemuel & RC SimpsonMS
Ruth, Larry, Jackie, Diane & DaleWilliams
San Diego CA, 1800
Sam & Mariah Laster
Sam Oliver
Several Children in front of bldgMerriman, Jackson FamilyChicago, IL
Simpson Family Tree
Sis & LeolaBoley, OK
Sis LeolaBoley, OK
St. Louis Family 1900
St. Louis, MO
Sweet Young girl
Sweet baby 1 and 2
Teen boy
Terrell FamilyMississippi
The Congregation
The Davis'sNew Orleans, LA
The Harris House 3
The Martin boysAkron, OH
Three unknown ChildrenMerriman Jackson famChicago, IL
Toddler and pedestalSan Antonio, TX
Two cute children
Two ladies and ladderSan Antonio, TX
Two men woman in door
Two women in yard
Two women standing
Two young women at log cabin
Two couples
Unidentified Child
Unknown lite skinned beauty
Unknown 1 thru 7Canada, IL, OH, KY, VA
Unknown 1CA, MI, SC
Unknown 2CA, MI, SC
Unknown Child Driver
Unknown Children 1918
Unknown CouplePitt County, NC
Unknown lady in western outfit
Unknown lady Pitt County, NC
Unknown ladyWilmington, NC Unknown Weaver AuntNY, VA
Unknown Weaver UncleNY, VA
Unknown Woman
Unknown 3 African American LadyNC
Vincent Gray 1966
Walter Stith or SmithMS
Well dressed man
Wesley Temple ChoirAkron, OH
1928 Wesley Temple Congregation 1 thru 4Akron, OH
White lady in snapshotMarshall/Longview, TX
The White House 1988
White Women 2 ChildrenCanton, OH
William Mills, Sarah Mills
Woman and baby girl on bikeBoley, OK
Woman and Baby
Woman and man sittingAunt Mattie and Papa Blair
Woman in Boley, OK
Woman with curls and pendant
Woman in pillbox hat
Young boyMerriman Jackson familyChicago, IL
Young boy in suit coat
Young father
Young girl in studio pose
Young man
Young Woman 1 & 2Franklin, LA
Unk Jackson MaidensSan Diego, CA
Unknown Baby 1800CA
Unknown fron Greenville
Young Woman
Unknown Gent 1900CA
Unknown LadyHarlem, NYC
Who 2CA, MI, SC

2 couples in bar
2 women found in my Grandmother's
Sisters possessions
3 Adults and Boy On back, Emmit Jones, Annie Willie,
Lessi and Lee Parks Jr.
5 Children On back, Sam, Net, Edward, Carolyn, Dot
1944 Group photograph in bar
AaronAkron, OH, MI
Algie Walker
Anna Williams on step watching Minga
Annie Louise Strickland
Annie R NorrisAkron, OH
Annie Russell Turner Anguilla MS
Woman on Fishing Bank - Annie BOH
Article about Thomas Dorcy Songwriter
Ebony Magazine 1962
Attractive woman by store
Aunt Annie
Sadie in HatAL, OH
Back in the dayOH
Bessie Fish
Betty, Wardel, Gerry
Billie Williams and daughter Christine
Birthday PartyLangston, OK
Boy on Womans lapAkron, OH
By J McElrath, 1 - 12Chattanoga,TN
Camilla Warren 1976
Children from OK or LA, 1 - 3
Chorus Girls - Mamie Jeffries
Christine and MomMA, WV
ClaraMost likely OK
Club DalisaChicago, IL
Club Dalisa -GipsyChicago, IL
Corine and Herbert Gleed
Couple by palm treesFort Valley, GA
Dancers at the James E Strates Show
Deep Eyes
Della Wilkins SisterMiami Beach
Denise adn Lucille Boulware
Dot in 1937
Edith Stockdale BryantAL, KY, OH
Edward Jordan
Evelyn Crawford Shug
Family PhotoLangston OK
Fay, Jesse, Sandy JamesMO
Fred Ferdinand and Nellie Murphy
Fish Family - George
Four African American Musicians 1860
Francine, Frank Grooms
Gentleman 1 - 2OK
Gentleman hands folded
Unknown Family
Gibs FamilyDayton, OH
Girl in front of carGA
Grandsons of Joe House
Group of Black and White Children
Group photo in bar with soldier 1 - 2
Group photo in bar with waiter
Howard Settler 1945Langston OK
Image 12 - 1937 MooreHuachuca AZ
Image 13 - 1937 BerrardHuachuca AZ
Image 14 - 1937 WilsonHuachuca AZ
Image 15 - 1937 PettiesHuachuca AZ
Image 16 - 1937 Fortier Huachuca AZ
Image 19 - 1937 Bill Porter Huachuca AZ
Image 20 - 1937 Huachuca AZ
Image 22 - 1937 Huachuca AZ
Image 23 - 1937 Huachuca AZ
Image 24 - Ross 1937 Huachuca AZ
Image 25 - 1937 Huachuca AZ
Grt GrandmotherIoner StockdaleTalladega, AL
James and Lucille Boulware
Jean Elizabeth HuffmanOklahoma City
John Lee - King of the GuitarMontgomery, AL
Joyce Brown and Loretta Jackson
Kids and TV unknown
Kids smiling unknown
Lady and kid
Mae and Chi ChiOH
Lady in paper frame
Lady in wicker chairBradley, Tecarkana, AR
Lady with jar of flowersBradley, Tecarkana, AR
Lady with pearsBirmingham, AL
Laura Lewis
Little Boy RapidesParish, LA
Little girl at desk
Little girl big bow, 1 - 2
Little girl standing on bench
Loretta Williams Jackson, 1 - 2
Lee BoysOH
Lucille Miller (Doll)Akron, OH
Mary StockdaleAL, PA
Man and children in church clothes 1965
Man at dinner table
Man at piano
Man in a frame
Man sitting in chair 1 - 2
Mary Fish
Annie Segers
Mattie HamiltonTuskegee, AL
Meriweather Unknown, 2 - 15
Missy Lewis Williams
Mr and Mrs Head 1948
Mr & Mrs Thomas Williams
Mrs Anna Williams
Ms LadyAkron, OH
My Great Grandma Ruby DawsonMI
Nadine and James Henry
Nadine Boulware
Nannie Shepard RavenMattie Gilchrist
Obie SimmonsAL, NY, OH
Oma B Hill
PA Couple
Little Patty and PonyOH
People walking on streetStraight ST
Bobby Warren in rusty frameAL
Possible a Woman's Choir
Pretty Lady, 1 - 4
Pretty Woman, 1 - 2
Ray Taylor & Gladys Casey 1920sMO
Ray Taylor, Harold Brown, Arthur McCoyHerculaneum, MO
Ray TaylorMO Resident
Rev. Howard Webster 1940
Richard White
Pee Wee Carter BandOH
Ronald JamesFestus, MO
Roy John Carl Charles Carolyn MurphyTiff, MO
Roy Simpson, Fred Taylor, Lester ShoresLead Company
At LakeOH
Sarah J Williams
Siblings Billie and Stanley Williams,
Silverine Murphy SullivanTiff, MO
Sisters & Brothers
Sitting Kids GA
Slave woman in wooden frame
Sweet Little
Sweet young girl
Tap DancersOH
The Harris House, 1, 2, 4
TJ Miller and Family
Trio on stepsRev. King, Mary Ella, Laura Lock
Twins Robert and Linda TaylorMO
Unidentified manOklahoma City or Langston

Unidentified man - Ed IIIOklahoma City
Unknown baby Harrisburg, PA
Unknown boy
Unknown couple
Unknown Gentlemen
Unknown girl
Unknown womanKirkness BroadwayBaltimore, MD
James WatsonOH
White man black woman
Will Tom WhoAL
Williams Siblings
Woman and baby
Woman and young girl
Woman by bushesFt. Lauderdale, FL
Woman Gipsy
Woman in wicker chair
Woman Bertha Lee Wing Gipsy
Woman legs crossed
Young girl in studio pose
Young woman in hat and fieldBradley, Texarkana Arkansas
Young Woman 1 - 3 Langston OK
Known Names and Stations
Arthur SigersArmy
Bill Porter(Ft Huachuca AZ )1936 -1937

Clarence Crawford II Butch
Clifford Yard Navy
Cpl Ray Taylor US Army Air Corp WWII
Edgar Cook
(Ft Huachuca AZ )1936 -1937Photos
Frank Grooms
Grilly Simmons Army
"Ham" Knight(Ft Huachuca AZ )1936 -1937

Harold Yard
James Edward KingArmy
"Jeep" Moore(Ft Huachuca AZ )1936 -1937
John DentArmy Cook
Joseph Oliver 365th Infantry
Lenell Clark Italy
Lois Brown Army
McSwain(Ft Huachuca AZ )1936 -1937

Orange Short
Robert in the ArmyWWII
Sanco Thompson, Sr
Willie Gibbs