The 1st Photograph is of our Great Grandmother

After comparing the 2nd and 3rd images below, we believe the man sitting in the chair is our great Great Grandfather, and the other subjects in the photograph are still unknown. 

The 3rd photograph is of our Great grandfather

Camilla Warren/Founder and Major Contributor  

Old Photographs of African Americans (OPOAA)

 The Story

I obtained an old photograph from a newly found cousin while doing research on an online genealogy message board. The old photograph connected us; and it was of our great grandmother. It also connected us both with another newly found family member on the same message board. They too possessed the same old photograph of our great grandmother. We had never known or met each other until we made the connection. 

Since my journey into family history and old photographs, I've discovered that I have many more relatives than I ever thought possible, and even more photographs to Identify.

With so many photographs and questions, it inspired me to launch the first site Old Photographs of African Americans; (Opoaa), in April of 2002, after doing research via the internet and not finding any exclusive African American sites where visitors can come and share their old photographs to be identified.  The site was later updated to Old Photographs of African Americans-Unknown Faces in June of 2002.

We will continue to provide old photographs for your research, when posted by our visitors. Our contribution to the African American Family Historian and Researcher.  

When the Roots get Deeper,

 The Branches get Stronger and, 

The Leaves keep Growing.

(Camilla Warren) 


History should be Shared and Taught, not Bought.

(Camilla Warren) 


African American families members who know a great deal about their family genealogy, are true family historians. As a researcher I found that the resources and documentation for African Americans were scarce due to the history being thrown away or destroyed. To preserve the history, there is information to collect, people to talk to, documents to order, and several avenues to take. 

OPOAA's Avenue 

Old Photographs of African Americans (OPOAA) is an attempt to share those Unknown Family Photographs with others, as well as contributors photographs, in hopes to identify or reunite the photographs with family members that are featured on the site. 

Photographs submitted that may have come from an old Photo Album, or have been found in Attic Boxes, under Coffee Tables, or in a Family Trunk.  

~What ever the source~ 

We all have them, photographs with the faces that no one can recognize. 

 WHO'S THIS?........I DON'T KNOW. 

We're all accused of not putting the names and dates on the backs of our photographs, making it impossible to know who the subjects were, and when and where the photographs were taken, for future references. 

OPOAA's Goal 

Make aware that sharing and talking about the history of Old Family Photographs with our children and family members are important, so they can identify and pass them on to the next generation, and family historians to preserve the history.


All Photographs welcomed regardless of Nationality. Some of our Ancestors may have been of another race. 

 Little Known Treasures of Genealogy

Doing research finds its way from the smallest of things you thought wouldn't be relevant.   

Old Address/Telephone Books of loved ones. Loads of info here

Old letters. 

Old Funeral Guest lists. (You can connect missing relatives and friends) 

 Old Wedding Guest lists. (You can connect missing relatives and friends)

 Old Obituaries.(Loads of info here)

 Old Calendars. handwritten messages. (This is almost like a diary)

 Old Greeting Cards. (Read the inside messages)

 Old Books. read inside cover of who the book belonged to and date when purchased.  

 Old Yearbooks.

Look over any old document that you haven't viewed in a while, and you can usually find something that you may have over looked, that may be useful to your research now.

 Dig into that old Trunk or Box you have stored in the Attic, and see what you come up with.